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For College Employees

Higher Education Real Estate Advantage Program (HERE Advantage)

Real Estate and Relocation Support for HECCMA College & University Members

HECCMA has partnered with Coldwell Banker Relocation Services to provide you with a valuable resource for your faculty and staff relocation and real estate needs, HERE Advantage.

HERE Advantage is a program designed to support your new hire faculty and staff with the logistics of their relocation and provide services necessary for a successful move.  Our experienced Relocation Specialists assess your new hire’s community and housing needs and provide guidance, support and advocacy throughout their relocation.  Faculty and staff benefit from assistance with agent selection when buying or selling a home, rental search, access to preferred mortgage services, coordination of household goods shipment and more.

In addition to our relocation support for your new hires, HERE Advantage services are also available to your existing faculty and staff population as a value add employee benefit program.

All participants of the HERE Advantage Program are eligible to receive a cash rebate on their real estate transactions and a cash credit at closing when financing through a preferred HERE Advantage lender. To receive your cash rebate or closing cost credit, you must register with your HERE Advantage Program Specialist before you contact any real estate agent.

To get started with HERE Advantage, click on Relocation Assistance or Faculty/Staff Benefits below:

Relocation Assistance  For HECCMA institutions who are on-boarding a new faculty or staff member and would like to provide them with relocation assistance.

Faculty/Staff Real Estate Benefit Program  For HECCMA institutions who would like to offer the HERE Advantage Program to their existing, non-relocating faculty and staff.

The Higher Education Real Estate Advantage Program is a free, no-obligation benefits program offered in all states through Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage.  The ability to pay a cash rebate may be modified or prohibited by law in some states.  Financing discounts are available only through mortgage companies referred by Coldwell Banker Relocation Services.  You must register with Coldwell Banker Relocation Services to be eligible for HERE Advantage.