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Teaching Innovation for the 21st Century

Procedures for Students

Register for TI21 Courses:

This checklist describes the sequence of steps needed to register for TI21 courses.

In general, communicate with the instructor (email addresses can be obtained from the faculty listing) if you have questions about the course content or getting instructor permission to register for the course. Communicate with the TI21 Program Director, Jeanine B. Went if you have questions about TI21 or the Certificate in general or have problems that cannot be resolved by the course instructor or the registrar.

Selecting courses:

  • Check the course schedule for the schedule and description of the course(s) in which you are interested. Please note that some courses have as a prerequisite CT 901 Seminar in College Teaching, and some courses may require instructor permission.

Pre-enrollment and Registration:

  • Despite the physical location (campus) where a TI21 course is taught, everyone enrolled in TI21 courses is registered at Worcester State University. Courses are supported by WSU’s Registrar’s Office and course management system (Blackboard).
  • Registration is generally available no later than eight (8) weeks before the course is scheduled to begin, but may be available sooner. Please note that early registration is advised.
  • All students must pre-enroll through the Consortium, and pay for all courses.
    • Pre-enroll through the online pre-enrollment form on this site. An administrative fee of $200 per student per semester, plus tuition (see below) are payable by credit card at the time of pre-enrollment. Have your card on hand before going to the pre-enrollment form.
    • Worcester State’s Registrar checks for enrollment information from HECCMA, and then registers the student at WSU.
    • It is Certificate in College Teaching policy not to allow auditors in any courses.
  • Once you are pre-enrolled with the Consortium and registered at Worcester State University:
    • Note that TI21 courses often operate on nonstandard schedules. Be sure to check the start date of your course.
    • If you are not currently a WSU student, a WSU account will be created for you within 24-48 hours of your registration at WSU. Please contact the WSU Help Desk (or 508-929-8856) for your WSU account credentials and account activation information. Login credentials are required to access your courses on the Blackboard system at WSU.  When contacting the Help Desk, please be sure to specify that you are a Consortium student.
    • Courses are offered on a first-come, first-served basis. Once registered, if your plans change, you must withdraw from the course by contacting the TI21 Program Director, Jeanine B. Went, Ph.D. at and the WSU registrar, Julie Chaffee, at . Failure to withdraw from the course will not only prevent another student from taking your place but will result in your receiving a failing grade for that course.
    • Many Certificate courses have WSU-managed course sites using the Blackboard course management system. These sites are generally not available until a few days before the course starts.


  • Current students, faculty and staff from certain member institutions pay a reduced tuition rate of $265/credit. Tuition for all other participants is $499/credit.
  • Students are responsible for arranging for reimbursement of part or all of tuition from their home institutions or employers, if applicable. There are many ways in which you may be able to cover your tuition costs.
    • If you are a graduate student, check with your department chair or academic dean for information about institutional tuition assistance.
    • If you are a faculty member, check with your department or institutional administration as to whether professional development funds may be available.
    • Check with the Human Resources department at your place of work about tuition benefits that may apply to you.

Obtaining Grades & Transcripts:

  • Instructors grade all students on WSU’s letter grade +/- system.
  • All course transcripts may be obtained through a request to the WSU registrar’s office.  WSU Transcript Request Form