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Teaching Innovation for the 21st Century

Program Goals

The Higher Education Consortium of Central Massachusetts’ Teaching Innovation for the 21st Century (TI21) represents a collaborative institutional response to the ever-present challenges of promoting exemplary teaching in today’s complex higher education environments. Most college professors have not had the benefit of formal training as teachers. Preparation for the college classroom involves more than a solid base of knowledge in a discipline; it requires a systematic inquiry into the pedagogies and processes that facilitate learning. Our TI21 program is grounded in the latest educational research of best practices in college teaching, and is designed to enhance the teaching and learning experiences for faculty and students in higher education.

Within TI21, we offer a Certificate in College Teaching.  The primary focus of the Certificate is to prepare graduate students, adjunct and full-time faculty who aspire to, or who are currently engaged in, a career in academia. Research has shown that graduate students with some formal preparation in college teaching have a substantial advantage in the academic job market. Once hired, new faculty members are better prepared to assume their teaching duties and are, consequently, more productive in developing their research programs. Similarly, more experienced college faculty can also benefit from such teaching certificate programs, as they may be very well prepared in their disciplines, but desire formal training in higher education pedagogy.  NOTE: See the feature article describing the CCT program in the May 2007 issue of The Teaching Professor.

Goals of the Program

  • Graduates will engage in ongoing systematic documentation of and reflection on their teaching practice and their students’ learning.
  • Graduates’ teaching practice will be grounded in personal values, accepted professional standards, and a research base.
  • Graduates will employ, appropriately and responsively, a diverse toolkit of teaching methodologies that promote active engagement and learning.

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